Serpent Related Books
Most of these are still available, while others are commonly found in libraries.

The Tuba Family, Clifford Bevan: Faber & Faber, ISBN 0-571-16522-X

The Tuba Family (2nd Edition), Clifford Bevan: Piccolo Press, ISBN 1-872203-30-2
10 Clifton Terrace, Winchester, SO22 5BJ, U.K. / PO Box 50613, Columbia, SC 29250, USA

Handbook of Instrumentation (CD-ROM version), Andrew Stiller: NPC Imaging, PO Box 723063, San Diego, CA 92172,
Original hardcover edition still available from another publisher

Oxford Dictionary of Music, Michael Kennedy: Oxford Univ. Press, ISBN 0-19-311333-3

Oxford Companion to Musical Instruments, Anthony Baines: Oxford Univ. Press, ISBN 0-19-311334-1

Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians (it's huge, check your library)

The Keyed Bugle, Ralph Dudgeon: Scarecrow Press, ISBN 0-8108-2645-3

How to Play the Cornett, Jeremy West: Christopher Monk Workshops (see Makers)

Shrine to Music Museum, Catalog of Collections Vol. 1 (see Museums)

Brass Instruments, Their History and Development, Anthony Baines: Dover Publications, ISBN 0-486-27574-4

The Serpent, Its Playing Characteristics, etc., Russ Allan Schultz: UMI Dissertation Information Service 1978

Harvard Dictionary of Music, Willi Apel: Belknap/Harvard Univ. Press, ISBN 0-674-37501-7

A Pictorial History of Civil War Era Musical Instruments, Robert Garofalo & Mark Elrod: Pictorial Histories Publishing, ISBN 0-933126-60-3

Guinness Book of Music, Beatrice Frei: Guinness Superlatives, ISBN 0-85112-460-7

The Art of Tuba and Euphonium, Harvey Phillips & William Winkle: Summy-Bichard Inc., ISBN 0-87487-682-6

Cambridge Companion to Brass Instruments, Trevor Herbert & John Wallace: Cambridge Univ. Press., ISBN 0-521-56343-7 / 0-521-56522-7

Methode de Serpent, Pour le Service du Culte et le Service Militaire, (reprint os Serpent method book from 1814), ISBN 2-8266-0369-8

The Serpent, Harry Woodhouse: Woodhouse, Trenoweth, Porthpean, St. Austell, Cornwall, PL26 6AU, England (self-published 2003)

Musical Wind Instruments, Adam Carse (Adam von Ahan Carse): variously republished by Da Capo Press, Dover, and others, all are direct copies of 1965 original (besides having excellent descriptions of old instruments as well as new, this book opens with some of the best descriptions of how wind instruments work that can be found in a book written for the lay person)

Musical Instruments, Darcy Kuronen: MFA Publications (Boston Museum of Fine Arts), ISBN 0-87846-674-6

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