Serpent Discography 

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Label &Catalog Number                                             Description
Nimbus NI 5175
Musical Heritage HMS 5154738
Berlioz: Grande Symphonie Funebre et Triomphale, Gossec: Symphonie Militaire, Gossec: March Lugubre, The Wallace Collection; Serpentist: Stephen Wick, Ophicleides: Stephen Wick, Stephen Saunders
Erato/Musifrance 2292-45607-2 DeCaurroy: Missa Pro Defunctis, Ensemble Vocal Sagittarius; Serpentist: Bernard Fourtet
Musica Mundi 314011 Fress und Sauflieder der Renaissance, Musica Canterey Bamberg; Serpentist: Enrique Crespo
Accent ACC 8860 D Harmonie und Janitscharenmusick, Octophoros; Serpent & Bass Horn: Andrew van der Beek (note this album is also available from Musical Heritage Society, see below)
Musical Heritage MHS 512700Y Music for Harmonie and Janissary Band, Octophoros; Serpent & bass Horn: Andrew van der Beek
Label la Lichere LLL 37 Le Chant du Serpent (avant garde jazz); Serpentist: Michel Godard (also ophicleide sound effects on track 11 "Serpent d'Or")
Nimbus 5318 Mendelssohn: Symphony #3 "Scottish", Mendelssohn: "Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage"; The Hanover Band; Serpentist: Alan Lumsden
Saydisc SDL 360 Under the Greenwood Tree: Music from the Time of Thomas Hardy; The Mellstock Band; Serpentist: David Townsend
Saydisc SDL 361 Fill Your Glasses: Convivial English Glees; London Serpent Trio; Serpentist: Christopher Monk, Ophicleide: Clifford Bevan, Anaconda: Andrew van der Beek
Music Masters MMD6-0236 F Music of Francis Johnson and Contemporaries; The Chestnut Brass Company; Serpentist: Jay Krush
Dog Rose Sound DR13930 Serpent Celebration 1590-1990; The London Serpent Trio and Guests (the largest assembly of Serpent players for at least 200 years)
Thelonius THE 0101 L'Impossible Trio (jazz); Serpentist: Michel Godard
Wergo WER 8008-2 Heloise (jazz improvisation); Michael Riessler ensemble; Serpentist: Michel Godard
Hopi HOP 200002 Aborigene (classical, baroque, renaissance, jazz); Serpentist: Michel Godard
Philips 434 402-2 (CD) and Philips70254 (VHS video)
video re-released on DVD as Decca 074 3212
Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique, Op. 14; Orchestre Revolutionaire et Romantique; Stephen Wick on Serpent & Ophicleide, Stephen Saunders on ophicleide
Video re-released as part of Decca DVD Berlioz Redicovered (see Filmography)
Newport Classic NPD 85548 
Sony Classical #62485
Tippecanoe and Tyler Too: American Political Marches and Songs; The Chestnut Brass Company and Friends; Ophicleide: Jay Krush 
Hail to the Chief (Sony title)
Newport Classic NPD 85516  Listen to the Mockingbird: 19th Century brass band music; The Chestnut Brass Company and Friends; Ophicleide: Jay Krush
Crystal Records CD 562 Pastime with Good Company; The Chestnut Brass Company; Serpent & Ophicleide: Jay Krush
EMI/Reflexe CDC 7-49541-2, re-released as
Virgin Veritas / Virgin Classics # 7243 5 61379 2 9 (561379-2)
Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique, Op. 14; The London Classical Players; Ophicleides: Stephen Wick, Stephen Saunders
(re-release adds Berlioz: Les Francs-juges, Op. 3)
Silex Y225040 Le Bucher des Silences (jazz); Serpentist: Michel Godard
Silex Y225023 Kejadenn (bagpipes, double reeds, drums, very eclectic); Bagad Kemperle; Serpentist: Michel Godard
Label Hopi 200004 K.O.N.P.S. (jazz); Jean Francois Canape Trio; Serpentist: Michel Godard
Philips 442-137-2
video of this released on DVD as Decca 074 3212
Berlioz: Messe Solennelle; Orchestre Revolutionaire et Romantique; Serpent: Stephen Wick; Stephen Saunders; Ophicleide & Buccin: Marc Giradot
BNL 112851 A/B 
available from
Organ Historical Society, phone: 800-728-2614
Louis Marchand (organ & plainsong); Ensemble Alternatim, Bernard Coudurier; Serpentist: Helmut Schmitt
Wild Goose WGS 281 CD Tenants of the Earth (West Gallery and folk songs); The Mellstock Band; Serpentist: Phil Humphries
Varese Sarabande VSD-5753 The Alien Trilogy (movie soundtracks); Royal Scottish National Orchestra; Serpentist: Phil Humphries 
(serpent heard on tracks: "Breakaway" & "The Door")
Beautiful Jo Records BEJOCD-9 The Music of Dickens and His Time; The Seven Dials Band; Serpentist: Phil Humpries
Past Time BEJ0CD-10 Christmas with Dickens; Trombone & Serpent: Phil Humphries
Titanic TI-100 Sweet and Low; The London Serpent Trio; Serpentists: Christopher Monk, Alan Lumsden, Andrew van der Beek (out of print, check libraries)
Beautiful Jo Records BEJOCD-28 The Dance at the Phoenix (Village Band Music from Hardy's Wessex); The Mellstock Band; Serpentist: Phil Humphries
Pandourian PRCD1004 
order from <>
The One Horse Open Sleigh; Ophicleide: Philip Neuman
Opus 111 #OPS30-135/136 Mendelssohn: St. Paul (Paulus); Chorus Musicus Koln, Das Neue Orchester; Serpentist: Andrew van der Beek
Studio SM #D2490 Repons (plainsong/chant with Serpent improvisation); The Choir of the Ligugé Abbey; Serpentist: Michel Godard
M.A. Recordings #M048A
order from
Sous Les Voutes, Le Serpent (serpent and not much else, in many styles); Michel Godard, serpent
Enja #ENJ-9339-2 Odd Times (serpent, oud, harmonica, percussion); Michel Godard, serpent
Enja #ENJ-9071-2 Loose Wires (serpent, guitars, percussion); Michel Godard, serpent
Enja #ENJ-9362-2 Castel Del Monte (serpent, brass, woodwinds, persussion, vocals); Michel Godard, serpent
see also Castel Del Monte II, below
Auvidis-Astree #E-8765 Cristobal De Morales: Officium Defunctorum & Missa Pro Defunctus a 5; La Capella Reial De Catalunya & Hesperion XX; Bernard Fourtet, serpent
Auvidis-Astree #E-8642 Joseph-Marie Amiot: Messe Des Jesuites De Pekin (Mass of the Jesuits in Beijing); XVIII-21, Musique Des Lumieres/ Ensemble Meihua Fleur de Prunus/ Choeur de Centre Catholique Chinois de Paris; Michel Godard, serpent
Auvidis-Astree #E-8521 Charles D'Helfer: Requiem, Messe De Funerailles Des Ducs De Lorraine (Funeral Mass for the Dukes of Lorraine); A Sei Voci/ Les Sacqueboutiers De Toulouse/ La Psallette De Lorraine; Bernard Fourtet, serpent
Vivarte/ Sony Classical #SK-48-039 Praetorius: Magnificat, etc.; Huelgas Ensemble; Michele Vandenbroucque, serpent
The presence of serpent on this recording has been questioned. In spite of the liner notes which indicate the Vandenbroucque is playing serpent,  it may be a bassoon instead.
New World Records #80299-2 Music of the Federal Era; Members of the Federal Music Society; Alan Moore, serpent
L'Oiseau-Lyre #D103561/ Decca #436-131-2 Susato: Danserye 1551; New London Consort; Stephen Wick, serpent
Ricercar #245012 Praetorius: Terpsichore Musarum; Ricercar Consort & La Fenice; Michel Godard & Keremie Papasergio, serpents
Label Hopi #HOP200017
order from, <>
Dream Weavers (serpent, woodwinds, vocals); Michel Godard, serpent/ tuba/ conque-shell
Nimbus #NI 5470 The Origin of the Species: Virtuoso Victorian Brass Music; The Wallace Collection; Stephen Wick (low parts) & Tony George (high parts), ophicleides
Harmonia Mundi France #HMC 901584.85 Mendelssohn: St. Paul (Paulus); La Chapelle Royale / Collegium Vocale / Philippe Herreweghe; Bernard Fourtet, serpent
Archive Produktion # 459 688-2 Handel: Solomon; Gabrieli Consort & Players / Andreas Scholl / Paul McCreesh; Bernard Fourtet, serpent
Seraphim CDE 7243 5 69025 2 7 (CD)
Angel SS 45015 (LP)
Handel: Music for the Royal Fireworks; London Symphony Orchestra / Charles Mackerras, conductor / Alan Lumsden & Christopher Monk, serpents 
Vanguard Classics SVC-47 Handel: Music for the Royal Fireworks (complete - in original scoring); English Chamber Orchestra / Johannes Somary, conductor / 2 serpent players
Naxos # 8.554096-97 Cavalieri: Rappresentatione di Anima e di Corpo; Cappella Musicale di San Petronio di Bologna / Sergio Vartolo; Bernard Fourtet, serpent
Auvidis-Astree #E-8640 Escobedo: Missa Philippus Rex Hispaniae; A Sei Voci /Les Sacqueboutiers de Toulouse / Choeur Philippus Rex Hispaniae; Bernard Fourtet [liner notes only mention bass sackbut, however his personal discography lists this as a recording he played serpent on]
CMS Recording SPR 54C
cassette tape
(maybe also on LP?....SPR 54?)
Christmas Cheer; Canterbury Clerkes with the The London Serpent Trio; Serpentists: Christopher Monk, Alan Lumsden, Andrew van der Beek (out of print, check libraries)
several serpent-only tracks of carols, plus most other tracks have some serpent accompaniment
Ateliers du Fresne #300 002.2
order from 
Ecole Maitrisienne Regionale des Pays de Loire, fax 02 41 87 79 71
Le Livre d'Orgue de Montreal (Lebegue & anonymous: Pange Linqua, Messe Magnae Deus Potentiae, Tubas Cum Citharis, Magnificat); Maitrise de la Cathedrale d'Angers / Damien Herisset, organ / Bernard Fourtet, serpent
Verese Sarabande # VSD-5849 Herrmann: Journey to the Center of the Earth (movie soundtrack); Serpentist: Don Cristlieb
(serpent heard on tracks "Giant Chameleon/The Fight" (solo), and possibly "The Duck")
Altri Suoni # AS101 Deux (avant garde jazz); Serpentist: Michel Godard
EMI / Virgin Classics # 72435 45369 22 (545369) Prokofiev: Pierre et le Loup (Peter and the Wolf performed in French with various ancient instruments); Serpentist: Bernard Fourtet
Hyperion # CDA67119 Antique Brasses (music of Beethoven, Crusell, Lachner, Löwenstein, Neukomm, Nicolai, Rossini, Salieri); London Gabrieli Brass Ensemble; ophicleides: Stephen Wick, Tony George
Naive/Livre Disque # V 4874 Pérégrinations Goldberg (a unique musical creation with words in French and English, and riffs on serpent, overlaying portions of Bach's Goldberg Variations); Nancy Huston & Freddy Eichelberger; Michel Godard, serpent
EMI/Angel # CDM 7 63303 2 Hoffnung's Musicfestivals (including The Hoffnung Music Festival Concert, The Hoffnung Interplanetary Music Festival, The Hoffnung Astronautical Music Festival); Eric Halfpenny, serpent and Nigel Amherst, The Anaconda
JVC # JVC-2052-2 The Wallace Collection's "Victorian Christmas"; The Wallace Collection, with The Trinity Boy's Choir and The Britten Singers, Tony George, ophicleide (with solos)
Decca/London # 455 688-2 Mendelssohn : Elijah; Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment & Edinburgh Festival Chorus with Bryn Terfel & Renée Fleming, directed by Paul Daniel; Tony George, ophicleide
While the CD booklet does not state instrumentation, the performer has confirmed use of the ophicleide.
Enja #ENJ-9431-2 Castel Del Monte II (serpent, strings, woodwinds, persussion, vocals); Michel Godard, serpent
see also Castel Del Monte, above
Beautiful Jo Records BEJOCD-31 Hey for Christmas (Seasonal Songs & Carols from the Broadside Ballad collections );
The Mellstock Band with The Oxford Waits; Serpentist: Phil Humphries
Argo # ZRG 596 Music All Powerful : Music to Entertain Queen Victoria ; Purcell Consort of Voices; 
Alan Lumsden, ophicleide
Virgin Classics # 7243 5 61975 2 7 (or, 5 61975 2) Mendelssohn: Symphony No. 4 "Italian", and A Midsummer Night's Dream;
Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment; orchestra includes ophicleide
Note: CD booklet notes indicate the participation of an ophicleide in the performance. However, the performer involved has stated that the ophicleide was used only for a pre-recording concert. Another player in the orchestra has stated that for the recording, a  euphonium was used for the ophicleide part.
Harmonia Mundi (France) # 901463.64 Mendelssohn: Elijah (Elias); Orchestre des Champs Elysées, La Chapelle Royale, Collegium Vocale with Petteri Salomaa & Soile Isokoski, directed by Philippe Herreweghe; 
Marc Girardot, ophicleide
Glossa # GCD 921101 Mendelssohn: A Midsummer Night's Dream (part of The Grand Tour series);
Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century, directed by Frans Brüggen; Stephen Wick, ophicleide
Mooncrest # CRESTCD 011 No Roses; Shirley Collins and The Albion Country Band; Alan Lumsden, ophicleide & Gregg Butler, serpent (both pretty much inaudible in the mix)
Arion # ARN 68300 Dupuy: Noel, Motet, Magnificat ("Au Milieu de la Nuit"/"Cantate Domino Canticum Novum"/Magnificat respectively); Groupe Vocal de Toulouse & Ensemble Instrumental Baroque; Bernard Fourtet, serpent
Telarc CD-80594 Handel: Music for the Royal Fireworks & Water Music; Boston Baroque orchestra / Martin Pearlman, conductor / Douglas Yeo, serpent
Act Company ACT 9006-2 Ottomania (avant-garde jazz); Kudsi Erguner, composer & reed flute / Michel Godard, serpent
very little serpent on this recording
Wergo WER 8009-2 Tentations d'Abélard (avant-garde jazz); Michael Riessler, woodwinds & composer; Michel Godard, serpent
very little serpent on this recording
Intakt CD 062 European Chamver Ensemble (avant-garde jazz); Pierre Favre, percussion & composer; Michel Godard, serpent
very little serpent on this recording, but what's there is very nice
Leo Records  CD LR 291 Sequenze Armoniche (some jazzy reflections on Gregorian Chant); Dolmen Orchestra, Nicola Pisani, conductor; Michel Godard, serpent
very little serpent on this recording
Enja ENJ-9380 2 Translucide (cello solo with avant-garde jazz accompaniment); Vincent Courtois, cello & composer; Michel Godard, serpent
very little serpent on this recording
Enja ENJ-8078 2 The Sultan's Picnic (avant-garde jazz); Rabih Abou-Khalil, oud & composer; Michel Godard, serpent very little serpent on this recording
HatOlogy 504 The Root of the Problem (avant-garde jazz, a series of musical chess games); Misha Mengelberg, piano & composer; Michel Godard, serpent
very little serpent on this recording
Splasc(h) CS h2501 Atem (avant-garde jazz ?); Stefano Battaglia, Michele Rabbia, Vincent Courtois, et al; Michel Godard, serpent
Intakt CD 049 Pierre Favre Singing Drums (avant-garde jazz ?); Pierre Favre, percussion & composer; Michel Godard, serpent
Enja ENJ-9323 2 Ocre (avant-garde jazz ?); Sylvie Courvoisier; Michel Godard, serpent
Capriccio 67 068 Mendelssohn: Athalia; Das Neue Orchester, directed by Christoph Sperling; Erhard Schwartz, ophicleide
Pan Classics 510 142 Krommer: Music for Wind Octet; Amphion Wind Octet (Amphion Bläseroktett); Marc Girardot, serpent
Berlioz Historical Brass BHB 101
available from <>
Le Monde du Serpent (The World of the Serpent); Berlioz Historical Brass, Gloria Dei Cantores choir, members of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, DeBorah DeWolf Emery (piano), Jennifer Ashe (soprano), Ben Peck (buccin); Douglas Yeo, serpent & the contrabass serpent "George", with Craig Kridel (serpent) and Phil Humphries (serpent & ophicleide)
Enja ENJ-9148 2 TubaTubaTu (jazz tuba duets); Michel Godard, tuba & serpent & composer, Dave Bargeron, tuba & sackbut & composer, with accordion and drums
two tracks, "Murmure" and "Old Town",  have serpent and sackbut duets, the other tracks are tuba duets
Serpent Press SER 007 Ghosts & Lovers (Shocking Stories, Wicked Songs & Wild Tunes, Tales of Dread and Delight from Hidden Byways of Rural Tradition); The Mellstock Band; Phil Humphries, serpent and ophicleide
King Record Company (Tokyo) KICJ 345 Godzilla Jazz (avant-garde jazz based on themes from Godzilla movies); Jack Walrath on trumpet and effects, Art Baron on trombone, didgerido, serpent, recorders and effects, Britt Woodman on trombone, Bill Bickford on guitars, Lindsey Horner on bass, Cecil Brooks III on percussion
serpent appears as Rodan the Flying Monster, in a free-form solo with recorder accompaniment in the middle of the track "Rodan"
Multijazz Records 101

write or visit website to verify availability:
Scott Robinson
210 Elm Avenue
Teaneck, NJ 07666

Multiple Instruments; Scott Robinson, multi-instrumentalist, including ophicleide (album (LP, not CD) with eight jazz selections in traditional styles; backup of piano, bass and drums supporting overdubbed/multitrack lead and harmony on instruments including trumpet, saxophones, ophicleide, normaphon, double-belled euphonium, cornet, clarinets, trombone, tuba, banjo, recorders, piccolo, organ pipes, bombarde, solaristic sound sculptures, mellophone, french horn, valved posthorn, helicon, slide trumpet, highland bagpipes) - ophicleide used on one track, "If I Were a Bell" by Frank Loesser
Arbors Records ARCD19275 Jazz Ambassador: Scott Robinson Plays the Compositions of Louis Armstrong; Scott Robinson, multi-instrumentalist, including ophicleide (on the track "Yes! I'm In the Barrel")
Datura Blues (no catalog number)
PO Box 5198, Arcata, CA 95518
Master the Tempest is Raging....; Bodie Pfost, serpent, trombone,etc., this self produced CD includes serpent on track 2, "The Ocean Thief...", as a foghorn very softly in the background, starting roughly at 7:00 on the track and ending at 8:20. A better serpent part is on track 4, "They'll Have to Drag Me Kickin' and Screamin", accompanying the vocals, church serpent style, in the Ave Maria section starting at 3:00 on the track and ending at 3:30. It is largely on the strength of this latter section that this recording is listed here.
Serpent Press SER 008 Glad Tidings: A West Gallery Christmas; The Mellstock Band; Phil Humphries, serpent and ophicleide
Alpha 514
Une Messe Pour La Saint-Michel & Tous Les Saints Anges (A Mass for Saint Michel & All Holy Angels); improvised 17th Century Gallican mass re-enactment with Freddy Eichelberger (organ), Ensemble Vocal Ludus Modalis; Michel Godard, serpent
Virgin Classics 7243 5 45706 2 9 Hector Berlioz: Benvenuto Cellini; French National Orchestra, Radio France Chorus, directed by John Nelson; unnamed player on ophicleide
ophicleide has a solo as part of Pierrot's cavatine in Act I scene 12

Intuition INT 3353 2
Trio Rouge; Lucilla Galeazzi (voice), Vincent Courtois (cello); Michel Godard, serpent & tuba
Doyen DOY CD162
The History of Brass Band Music: The Early Years 1850-1920; Grimethorpe Colliery (UK Coal) Band, Elgar Howarth directing; Clifford Bevan, ophicleide (tracks 1 & 2 only, on bass part)
EMI Classics   D 104902
reissued as disk 4 of the 4 CD set "Christmas Carols"
Musical Heritage Society 5489976
[this set also referenced below]
Carol Album 2; Taverner Consort, Choir & Players, Andrew Parrott directing; Stephen Saunders, ophicleide
ophicleide present on one track (17) only, "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" on the bass line

Virgin Classics   7243 (5 45733 2) 3
Charpentier: Te Deum & Grand Office Des Morts; Les Arts Florissants, William Christie directing; Stephen Wick, serpent
Salzburger Museum Carolino Augusteum
(no catalog number)
order by email
Geschichte der Salzburger Blasmusik "alla turca"/History of Salzburg "alla turca (Janissary)" Wind Music; Magistratsmusik Salzburg, Joseph Seidl directing; Bruce Holcomb, serpent
serpent featured in 10 minute lecture in both German and English on Janissary music, then on demonstration scale, and finally on three musical selections; "Allemande Nr. 9, Marsch Nr. 11, both attributed to A. Fendt of the Salzburg military band of 1812, and "Salzburger Studentenmarsch vom Jahre 1777"
This CD is an excellent introduction to Janissary music and the instruments used for playing it.
Ricercar  RIC 245
Charpentier: Te Deum & Messe pour plusieurs instruments (au lieu des orgues); Choeur de Chambre de Namur (the choir), Les Agremens (chamber orchestra on Te Deum), La Fenice (chamber orchestra on Messe), Jean Tubery directing; Volny Hostiou, serpent
Supraphon  SU 3194-2 931
(1993 recording from Czech Republic)
Renaissance Music at Princely Courts of Europe; Rozmberk Consort Prague, Frantisek Pok directing; Frantisek Pok, serpent
serpent heard only on 1-1/2 minute long track #19 "Entre vous gentilz hommes" (Pierre Certon), and is  playing the melodic line at the top of the instrument's range, sounding almost like a tenor zink (lyzard), over the harmony provided by viols, but playing is good while it lasts
Chestnut Brass, no catalog number
Distant Dancing; Chestnut Brass Company;  Jay Krush, ophicleide, Marian Hesse, quinticlave
Deutsche Harmonia Mundi  82876 64071 2
Richard Wagner: Der fliegende Holländer (The Flying Dutchman) - Original Paris Version; WDR Rundfunkchor Köln, Prager Kammerchor (the choirs), Cappella Coloniensis (the orchestra), Bruno Weil directing; Marc Girardot, ophicleide
ophicleide is used throughout, but it's timbre can be heard easily in the Overture at 0:11 with the trombones, and in a soft chorale with trombone 2 and trombone 3 at 2:53. Also in the opening of track 2, especially at 0:23
Frémeaux & Associés  FA 166
Choro (1906-1947); Pixinguinha (flute), João Pernambuco (guitars), Jacob do Bandolim; Irineu de Almeida, ophicleide
ophicleide appears on track 15 of CD #1 (it is a 2 CD set), " São João Debaixo D'Aguá ", and Almeida is an excellent player on a very energetic part that comes through clearly. This CD consists of  36 Brazilian 'choro' pieces from the first half of the 20th Century; 'choro' is Brazil's oldest musical form, emerging from Rio in the 1880s, and is a mixture of European melody and harmony with African rhythm.
Orfeo C 689 061 A
Victorian Christmas (a.k.a. Victorian Christmas for Brass); Passion des Cuivres (19th Century brass quintet, Constanze Backes, soprano; Erhard Schwartz, ophicleide
ophicleide solos on several tracks, plus Handel's "O Ruddier Than the Cherry" which is a complete ophicleide solo
Melba MR 301111
Back from Oblivion; Nick Byrne, ophicleide & David Miller, piano
vintage virtuoso ophicleide solos + two contemporary compositions
Wolgrub W001
Wolgrub, Unit One, 30 Maple House, Idonia Street, London SE8 4LS
Sporting & Military; Alligator Horses, including Andrew Lamb, Russian Bassoon
Russian Bassoon used only on 'British Grenadiers' track
The Madding Crowd TMC-002-CD Hark, Shepherds, Hark; The Madding Crowd, Mike Bailey, director; Peter Hackston, serpent
traditional period versions of English Christmas songs and carols, done in the style of a village band and choir, nice earthy performances that really sounds '"right" for the material.
CPO 777 221-2
Ferdinand Ries: Die Könige In Israel; Rheinische Kantorei and Das Kleine Konzert, Hermann Max, director; Erhard Schwartz, ophicleide
ophicleide is present 'in the mix' but it does not have any solos or prominent parts
Enja ENJ-9494 2
Songs for Sad Women; Rabih Abou-Khalil, oud & composer; Gevorg Dabaghyan, duduk; Michel Godard, serpent
wonderful improvisations on the serpent bass line
Intuition INT 3415 2
DEEP; Gavino Murgia, voice & soprano saxophone; Michel Godard, serpent & tuba
free improvisations of an almost spiritual and mesmerizing sort
Angel S-37091
(LP from 1974)
reissued on CD as Virgin Veritas #7243 (5 61289 2) 7
Music of Praetorius (Dances from "Terpsichore" 1612 & Motets from "Muses of Zion" 1605-10); The Early Music Consort of London, David Munrow, director; Alan Lundsen, serpent (Alan also plays  sackbut, etc; and former London Serpent Trio member Andrew van der Beek also plays many non-serpent instruments)
serpent is heard only on track 2 of side B (track 11 on CD), "Erhalt uns, Herr, bei deinem Wort"
CAM Production CAMJ 7806-2
Archangelica; l'Atelier des Musiciens du Louvre (a baroque orchestra), directed by Mirella Giardelli; Maria Pia de Vito, vocals; Freddy Eichelberger, harpsichord; Michel Godard, serpent
baroque & jazz fusion with lots of expert serpent playing
RCA Red Seal   2 CD 88697 (27155 2)
Robert Schumann: Das Paradies und die Peri; Bavarian Radio Orchestra and Choir (Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks), directed by Nikolaus Harnoncourt; Erhard Schwartz, ophicleide
Nonesuch H-71313 (LP)
19th Century American Ballroom Music; Smithsonian Social Orchestra & Quadrille Band, directed by James Weaver; Robert Eliason and Robert Kraft, ophicleides, Robert Sheldon, quinticlave
Ligia Digital LIDI 0202196-8 Jean Gilles: Requiem & motet Cantate Jordanis Incolae; Orchestre Les Passions & Choeur de chambre les elements, directed by Jean-Marc Andrieu; Volny Hostiou, serpent
serpent is audible throughout doubling the voices, the portative organ bass line, and the small orchestra's single string bass...on a few tracks the serpent has a very obvious solo line. This is an excellent recording for hearing a well-played serpent in an authentic period music ensemble.

The CD booklet is in French only. The Serpent Newsletter editor, in collaboration with the group Orchestre Les Passions, has prepared a separate booklet in English, which may be downloaded here
Gilles CD Booklet in English
EMI Classics / Capitol 0777 7 54529 2 1
reissued as disk 1 of the 4 CD set "Christmas Carols"
Musical Heritage Society 5489976
[this set also referenced above]
The Christmas Album: Festive Music from Europe and America; The Taverner Consort, Choir & Players, directed by Andrew Parrott, Stephen Saunders, ophicleide
ophicleide is very audible, with solo lines, in track 13, "Gloria" by Edmund Pascha
Carpe Diem    CD-16274 Tre Bassi: De Profundis; bass vocalists Alain Buet, Paul Willenbrock, Philippe Roche, with Hille Perl , viol/lirone; Lee Santana, chitarrone; Michel Godard, serpent
EMI/Angel SLS 988 or SAN 391-392 (2 LPs)
reissued on CD as Virgin Veritas  0946 (3 85811 2) 3
Instruments of the Middle Ages and Renaissance; The Early Music Consort of London, directed by David Munrow; Alan Lunsden, serpent
serpent is used on the track "Canzona Quarta for 'basso solo'" by Girolamo Frescobaldi, which is track 5 on side B of record 2, aka Side 4 (LP version) or track 20 of CD2 (CD version)
Le Couvent    K617215 Pierre Robert: Grands Motets; Les Pages & les Chantres du Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles, the orchestra ‘Musica Florea’, directed by Olivier Schneebeli; Volny Hostiou, serpent
serpent is present but understated in the mix, and is nowhere prevalent
Hortus Editions      Hortus 060 Charles Levens: Te Deum; Ensemble Sagittarius, the combined choirs Ensemble Baroque Orfeo and Groupe Vocal Arpège, Orchestre Baroque Les Passions, directed by Michel Laplénie; Volny Hostiou, serpent
serpent is quite audible throughout on some fairly active musical lines
Entheos      CD005
Requiem pour Claude de Lorraine; Ensemble Entheos, directed by Benoît Damant; Volny Hostiou, bass cornett
the bass cornett is quite audible throughout, with its serpent-like sound
(the bass cornett is related to the serpent, albeit in a parallel branch of the brass instrument family)

The CD booklet is in French only. The Serpent Newsletter editor has prepared a separate booklet in English, which may be downloaded here Requiem Claude Lorraine CD Booklet in English
Gimini Music   GM 1016
En ces jours-là, je répandrai mon Esprit; Mario Hacquard, Gregorian chant, Volny Hostiou, serpent
the serpent is quite audible throughout in its role as echo and answer, and sometimes as  accompaniment to to solo voice's chant

The CD booklet is in French only. The Serpent Newsletter editor has prepared a separate booklet in English, which may be downloaded here En ces jours CD Booklet in English
Bandleader Recordings/Modern Publicity   BNA 5196
The Music of Christopher Eley; The Duke of York's Band of the Coldstream Guards, directed by Major Graham O Jones; Stephen Wick, serpent
the serpent is very audible as the bass of the band
Triton   TRI 331139
Messe de Bordeaux (anon) & Concerto en ré majeur by Claude Balbastre; Vox Cantoris, directed by Jean-Christophe Candau; Michel Nègre, serpent
the serpent is quite audible on fairly active musical lines
Serpent Press SER 010
The Leaves of Life; The Mellstock Band, Phil Humphries, serpent
Songs, carols, spoken word from Christmas and the wintertime in the rural England of Thomas Hardy
the serpent is prominent on most tracks and has multiple solos
Le Couvent    K617224 André Campra: Messe de Requiem; Les Pages & les Chantres du Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles, the orchestra ‘Orchestre des Musiques Anciennes et à Venir’, directed by Olivier Schneebeli; Volny Hostiou, serpent
album includes the Messe de Requiem as well as the Grant Motet 'In Convertendo'
the serpent is prominent in the opening of the Mass on the 'cantus firmus' solo, and also in the 'Communion: Requiem Aeternam' section, and can also be heard easily in the Motet on the continuo
Winged Lion Records/
Signum Records SIGCD280
Berlioz: Grande Messe des Morts (Requiem); Gabrieli Consert & Players, Wroclaw Philharmonic Orchestra, Chetham's School of Music Symphonic Brass Ensemble, Wroclaw Philharmonic Choir, directed by Paul McCreesheli; John Elliott, Phil Humphries, Stephen Wick, Andy Kershaw, ophicleides
the ophicleides are present in the mix of sound from the large orchestra and massive choir, about 400 persons strong, although their own contribution is not obvious
Carpe Diem    CD-16286 Monteverdi: A Trace of Grace; Guillemette Laurens, voice; Gavino Murgia, saxophone & throat singing; Fanny Paccoud, violin; Bruno Helstroffer, theorbo; Steve Swallow, bass; Michel Godard, serpent
This album is a mixture of renaissance and modern instruments and voice in performances of both Monteverdi selections as well as contemporary ones that are written with an appropriate sensibility and tonality, overall quite soulful; the serpent shares the bass with the theorbo and Swallow's bass, plus it has some solo lines
Revels Records CD 1078
The Christmas Revels: In Celebration of the Winter Solstice; The Revels Chorus, The Cambridge Symphonic Brass Ensemble, Alexander's Feast renaissance band with soloists Marshall Barron, Jerry Epstein, Lisle Kulbach, Frank Epstein; David Gay, serpent
A collection of 30 traditional songs and verse related to Christmas and the Winter Solstice, performed by modern and period instruments plus voice; serpent is clearly heard on track 27 "Apple Tree Wassail"
Serpent Press SER 011 The Sound of Leather; The Lost Chord, Dave Townsend, concertina; Phil Humphries, serpent
This album is a collection of 14 eclectic music-hall songs, Victorian & Edwardian ballads and showpieces, and popular songs. All selections are played exclusively on concertina and serpent; the virtuoso serpent playing is very prominent throughout
Hybrid Music H1827
Le Serpent Imaginaire (The Imaginary Serpent); Francois Menissier, organ; Thomas van Essen, baritone; Eva Godard, cornetto; Volny Hostiou, serpent
This recording imagines what a solo serpent concert during the  first 100 years of the instrument's history would be like
Harmonia Mundi-World Village 479078 Hungry People; Rabih Abou-Khalil, oud; Gavino Murgia, soprano saxophone and voice; Luciano Biondini, accordion; Jarrod Cagwin, drums; Michel Godard, tuba, electric bass & serpent
Not much serpent on this CD, but what's there is good
DML Records CD 017 Point of View; Patrick Bebelaar, piano; Frank Kroll, saxophone; Pandit Prakash Maharaj, tabla; Pandit Vikash Maharaj, sarrod; Subhash Maharaj, tamboura; Michel Godard, tuba & serpent
'World Music' merger between western European jazz and traditional Indian music. Only one track with noticable serpent on this CD
CamJazz CAMJ 7792-OD ImpertinAnce; Franck Tortiller, vibraphone; Patrice Heral, percussion, vocals and electronic sampling; Michel Godard; tuba & serpent
Note intentionally misspelled album title. Showcase for mallet percussion virtuoso Tortiller, this is a long free-form jazz improvisation. Godard mostly plays the tuba on this CD, but there are serpent solos on the tracks "Luiza Blanca", "Archangelica", and "Serpent et Sonnailles"
Music Center Lissone BA 301 CD Le Sonnet Oublié; Roberto Martinelli, soprano & alto saxophones; Francesco D'Auria, percussion; Michel Godard; tuba, electric bass & serpent
This is a long free-form jazz improvisation. There are serpent solos on the tracks "Le Sonnet Oubliè", "Sur l’èchelle des spheres", "Ferma l’ali", and "In Paradisum"
Winged Lion/Signum Classics SIGCD 300 Felix Mendelssohn: Elijah 1846; Gabrieli Consert and Players & Gabrieli Young Singers Scheme & Wroclaw Philharmonic Choir, with Simon Keenlyside, baritone (Elijah), directed by Paul McCreesh; Nicholas Perry & Phil Humphries & Carl Woodcroft, serpents; Stephen Wick & Andrew Kershaw, ophicleides; Tony George, contrabass 'monstre' ophicleide
Recreation of the premiere performance of this classic oratorio, and the only commercial recording to include a contrabass ophicleide, not to mention such a large assembly of serpents and ophicleides
DML Records CD 015 You Never Lose an Island; Patrick Bebelaar, piano; Frank Kroll, soprano saxophone, clarinet & bass clarinet; Herbert Joos, trumpet; Michel Godard, tuba & serpent
Serpent only used on one track, "Maienlied"
CamJazz CAMJ 7770-OD Cousins Germains; Franck Tortiller, vibraphone & marimba; Christof Lauer, soprano and tenor saxophones; Wolfgang Puschnig, alto saxophone & flute; Herbert Joos, trumpet; Wolfgang Reisinger, drums; Michel Godard; tuba & serpent
As a serpent recording, it contains several extended sequences that show off Godard’s virtuosity.
no catalog number, available from Feeling Musique (Paris)
Le Désir; Laurent Vadrot, euphonium & ophicleide; Marc Girardot, ophicleide; Sébastien Jaudon, piano
Primarily a solo recording featuring Vadrot on euphonium with piano accompaniment. One track, "Introduction et Polonaise, Op.30" by Jules Demersseman features solo ophicleide, and two short tracks are ophicleide duets with Girardot

The CD booklet is in French only. The Serpent Newsletter editor has prepared a separate booklet in English, which may be downloaded here Le Désir CD Booklet in English
Dreyer Gaido CD 21075 Renaissance Goes Jazz - Live; Markus Becker on piano; the renaissance wind ensemble Capella de la Torre, directed by Katharina Bäuml on shawm; Michel Godard; tuba, electric bass & serpent
Modern jazz fused with traditional Renaissance music, this has significant amounts of serpent playing
Yellow Bird 7718 Ivresses; Franck Tortiller, vibraphone & marimba; Patrice Heral, percussion, vocals and electronic sampling; Michel Godard; tuba, electric bass & serpent
A jazz meditation on wine and its intoxicating properties, this has some nice exposed serpent solos
MegaSound label, unknown catalog number, available only as an MP3 download from numerous websites
Megalitico 5tet; Gavino Murgia, soprano saxophone, flute, voice; Franck Tortiller, vibraphone; Luciano Biondini, accordion; Pietro Iodice, percussion; Michel Godard; tuba & serpent
Easy jazz genre, dominated by Murgia’s saxophone solos underlaid by Godard’s bass lines. Serpent is used only on the track "Luna Antica"
Outhere Music/Alpha Productions
Alpha 538
Love I Obey; Rosemary Standley, voice; Helstroffer's Band; Michel Godard; serpent and flugelhorn
14 balads and folk songs from the 16th through 19th centuries. Serpent is used only on track 9 "Jack Hall", although the flugelhorn used with a serpent mouthpiece (sounding like a soprano serpent) is heard on track 8 "What If a Day" and track 13 "An Evening Hymn"
Aparte Music/Harmonia Mundi AP097

Polyphonies Oubliées: Faux-bourdons XVIe - XIXe; Ensemble Gilles Binchois, Dominique Vellard directing; Maîtrise de Toulouse children's choir; Bernard Fourtet, serpent
27 tracks of rearely heard and previously unrecorded "fauxbourdons" three-part polyphonic singing/improvisation of music from the 16th through 19th centuries. This is a 2-CD set, and the serpent is heard only on the second CD, and then only when the adult male chorus is singing, but what is there is a fine example of the serpent in its original application
Pianissimo Musik PM0927
Frames and Drums; Murat Coskun, frame drums and other ethnic percussion; Giora Feidman, clarinet; Michel Godard; tuba, electric bass & serpent
Exploration of ethnic and indo-asian percussion instruments and styles in a jazz-influenced style. Serpent is heard on tracks 4, 5, 7.
HGBS 20039 Three Seasons; Günter "Baby" Sommer, drums; Patrick Bebelaar, piano; Michel Godard; tuba, electric bass & serpent
Serpent and other bass instruments bounce off the percission, with some help from the piano. Serpent appears on tracks 1, 4, 7, 11. Track 11 is an extended serpent solo from the start until about the 5 minute mark, then the track goes to silent ambience until the 21:46 mark, at which time the serpent resumes until the end at the 24:34 minute mark.
Quinton Q-1402-2
L'Ultima Mattanza; Gavino Murgia, saxophones and throat-singing; Patrice Heral, percussion and vocals; Michel Godard; tuba, electric bass & serpent
Serpent is heard on track 3 (an extended serpent solo) and track 8.
Schott/Intuition INT 3440 2
A Serpent's Dream; Katharina Bauml, shawm; Bruno Hellstroffer, theorbo; Lucas Niggli, percussion; Michel Godard; serpent & electric bass
Unique "Villefranche Serpent" is pictured on cover and heard on tracks 8 & 13
Naxos 8.573105 William Perry: Music for Great Films of the Silent Era - Part 2; RTE National Symphony Orchestra (Ireland); Paul Phillips, conductor; Nick Byrne, ophicleide
"Brass From the Past: Concerto for Ophicleide and Orchestra" is on tracks 10 - 13, other tracks do not include serpent or ophicleide
Outhere Music/Ricercar RIC 362
The Virtuoso Ophicleide; Trio Ænea (Aenea); Patrick Wibart, ophicleide; Corentin Morvan, ophicleide; Oscar Abella Martin, ophicleide; Adrien Ramon, cornet; Lucie Sansen, piano
vintage virtuoso ophicleide solos, duets, and trios with piano accompaniment or with voice or with cornet
Serpent Press SER012
The Thomas Hardy Songbook; The Mellstock Band, Dave Townsend, voice & concertina; Phil Humphries, serpent & trombone & voice; Tim Hill, clarinet; Charles Spicer, spoken word; Caroline Butler, violin, voice
This album is a collection of 14 songs known to author Thomas Hardy, often taken from his family song-book, plus four spoken word segments taken from books by Hardy. Serpent is heard on tracks 1, 2, 10, 15, 18
Biscoito Fino (Brazil) BF390-2

MP3 downloadable from iTunes or Amazon
Irineu de Almeida e o Oficleide 100 Anos Depois (Irenaeus de Almeida and the Ophicleide 100 Years Later); Everson Moraes, ophicleide; Aquiles Moraes, cornet; Leonardo Miranda, flute; plus guitars and percussion
wonderful and captivating modern performances of tunes by a master of Brazilian "choro" music; high level ophicleide playing on all tracks
The Bate Collection of Musical Instruments
CCL CD8077
Music of the Allies: From the Peninsula to Waterloo; The Bate Military Ensemble, The Duchess of Richmond's String Band; Mark Robbins, director; Major Richard Powell, narrator; Carl Woodcroft & George Haggett, serpents
26 tracks of instrumental and vocal music plus spoken narration, using period instruments from the Bate Collection - not too polished, sounds authentic for what was probably heard in the military of the time - most tracks include one or two military serpents, plus flutes & fifes, bassoon, natural horns, oboe, keyed bugles, clarinet, trombone and percussion
Nimbus / Alliance
NI 6342

(2-CD set)
David Ponsford - Nicholas de Grigny: Premier livre d'orgue (aka David Ponsford - French Organ Music from the Golden Age, Volume 5); David Ponsford (organist), L'école de Nivers (vocal ensemble); Phil Humphries, serpent
This is primarily a solo organ album, recorded on the Organ of Sarlat Cathedral. Many of the organ selections are based on earlier plainchant, and the male vocal ensemble L'école de Nivers sings the original chants prior to the organ version performance; the serpent accompanies the singers. Although the amount of serpent playing on this album is not very extensive, it remains a fine example of the serpent's original purpose, and is a very good performance. Note that the vocal/serpent performance was recorded in a church in England, while the organ performance was recorded in France; the singers & serpent do not perform at the same time as the organ. The album has been edited to make it seem that the singers are in the same acoustical space as the organ, which seems to play immediately after the planchant.

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