Serpent Photo Gallery 

Here are a few selected photographs which show some of the significant moments in serpent history, or are otherwise interesting.

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< Premiere performance of Simon Proctor's Amherst Suite, at the Amherst Early Brass Festival 1986. The composer is directing.
Premiere performance of Simon Proctor's Serpent Concerto, at the Serpent Festival, Columbia, South Carolina, 1989. The soloist is Alan Lumsden. >
< Drawing of the sanctuary at Amiens cathedral, Amiens, France. The wooden structure on either side is called the choir. Clearly visible in this famous illustration are the two boys playing serpent, one on each side of the choir. The serpents would be used to accompany the plainsong of the singers.
Contemporary photo of one side of the choir at Amiens (photo by Doug Yeo). >
< Closeup view of serpentist in the choir.
Graffiti in stall of the choir,  apparently carved by bored serpent players over the years; note clear image of serpent. (photo by Doug Yeo) >
< At the 1989 Serpent Festival in South Carolina, the participants arranged in the form of a serpent on the steps of the court house.
Also at the 1989 festival, the players, appearing as The United Serpents Grande Band, performed with the home marching band for the opening festivities at a USC football game. >
< One of many performance at Northwestern University by Chicago area early brass enthusiasts. This photo shows a quartet of serpent, ophicleide, lyzarden and cornetto, engaged in a program of modern pop songs at Regenstein Auditorium.
Participants of the 2001 Lacock Serpentarium, Lacock, England, gathered on the banks of the stream behind Cantax House. The anaconda in the picture is George II. (photo by Wik Bohdanowicz) >
< At the 1990 Serpent Workshop at Stock Farm, England, participants pose with a bass serpent, the contrabass serpent (anaconda) George, a tenor serpent, and the original anaconda.
Outside the house at Stock Farm, London Serpent Trio member Andrew van der Beek poses with the original anaconda. >
< In the house at Stock Farm, workshop participants pose with the anaconda George and the original anaconda.
On the lawn at Stock Farm, workshop participants pose for the camera. The three players in the foreground are Christopher Monk, Andrew van der Beek (with the original anaconda), and Phil Palmer (with George). >

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