Serpent Groups 
Several full time groups which use the Serpent and appear on recordings, radio, television and motion pictures.

London Serpent Trio
The original Serpent ensemble in the 20th century. Founded by Serpent gurus Christopher Monk, Alan Lumsden and Andrew van der Beek, they have toured widely giving concerts, have produced recordings, and appear on radio and television. Currently the trio consists of Phil Humphries, Clifford Bevan and Stephen Wick.

La Fenice
This French ensemble frequently uses the Serpent, along with other ancient wind instruments such as sackbut and cornett. They perform primarily serious renaissance music. Michel Godard, Serpent

The Mellstock Band
An English group which has produced recordings and appeared on film, television and radio. They specialize in music following the West Gallery tradition and related forms. Phil Humphries, Serpent

This European orchestra has recorded examples of Janissary and Harmonie music plus orchestral music using Serpent. Andrew van der Beek, Serpent

Orchestre Revolutionnaire et Romantique
This largely English orchestra has done CD and video recordings of several historically authentic performances of music by Berlioz.

The Chestnut Brass Company
The only full time brass quintet which routinely performs on not only modern brass instruments, but also the entire spectrum of their historical predecessors. Several recordings are available on CD, however many of these are temporarily out of print due a change in ownership of the record company. Jay Krush, Serpent & ophicleide. Sony Classical has re-released certain recordings under different names.

Boston Symphony & Boston Pops Orchestras
These major orchestras, under the direction of Seiji Ozawa and John Williams, respectively, have embraced the Serpent for music that originally called for it, as well as for modern compositions. Douglas Yeo, Serpent

Passion des Cuivres  (pronounced  pass-ee-ohn deh queev)
German brass quintet from Berlin, playing 19th century brass instrument, with an ophicleide in the position usually taken by a tuba. Erhard Schwartz, ophicleide

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