Serpent Player's Cool Lemonade Pie Recipe

(dessert for 6-8 overheated serpentists)

1    6oz can frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed but not diluted
1    14 oz. can sweetened condensed milk (Eagle Brand, etc.)
1    9 oz Cool Whip (ready-to-use whipped cream product), or equal quantity of home-made whipped cream
1    vanilla-wafer (or, graham cracker) pie crust

Mix together the condensed milk and lemonade concentrate. Put whipped cream into mixing bowl and gently/carefully mix in the milk/lemonade preparation (do not 'deflate' the whipped cream - excessive mixing will remove the air and make it 'unwhipped').

Use spatula and/or pour mixture into prepared crust, and level off; it should fill crust exactly to rim.

Place pie in refrigerator; may be served anytime after 4 hours of cooling (to make it firmer). The pie may also be frozen.

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Copyright Paul Schmidt 2003
revised December 2004