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Here are a few links to webpages relating to the Serpent.

Serpent Forum

Christopher Monk Instruments

Douglas Yeo, Serpentist & Bass Trombonist, Boston Symphony

International Tuba Euphonium Association (formerly Tubists Universal Brotherhood Association)

Edinburgh Collection

National Music Museum (formerly Shrine to Music Museum)

American Musical Instrument Society

Historic Brass Society

Early Music America

Henry Ford Museum

Bate Collection

Contrabass Mania

Guide to Medieval & Renaissance Instruments

Andrew van der Beek

Phil Holcolm's Rugs & Relics

Wyldes Noyse / Norfolk Gallery Quire / Fall of Eve Band

The Mellstock Band

The London Serpent Trio

The Ophicleide Directory

The 1st Brigade Band

Antique Horns

The Chestnut Brass Company

Hands On Music Weekends

Michel Godard Fanpage

The Utley Collection of Serpents

Nick Byrne's Ophicleide Website

Erhard Schwartz's  Ophicleide Website

Volny Hostiou's  Serpent Website

Paul Schmidt - His Website

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