Making a Road Case for the Ophicleide: Case Shell

Bow Pad
Bell Pad
Middle Pad
Top Pad
Bocal Case
Complete Case

A good road case needs to be light weight yet virtually indestructible. Making one from scratch is out of the question, so it makes sense to start with a commercially available case and modify it to fit the instrument. The ophicleide case began with a 'golf case' manufactured by SKB, intended for transporting golf bags with their clubs on airplanes. The model number is 2SKB-4812W and costs about $120 (US), available at most sports shops. This is a good fit for B-flat ophicleides, but the slightly smaller 2SKB-4810W might be more appropriate for C ophicleides (48" x 12" and 48" x 10" inner dimensions, respectively.)

The case features include recessed top and end handles, unbreakable high-density polyethylene shells (the reader will discover in these pages that polyethylene in all its forms is the number one material for rugged yet lightweight instrument cases!), heavy duty metal latches with keyed locks (lifetime free replacement guarantee on these), built-in wheels, "O"-ring gasketed aluminum valance providing a positive dirt & moisture resistant seal.

SKB, 1607 N. O'Donnell Way, Orange, CA 92867, USA,    phone 800-654-5992 or 714-637-1252, fax 714-283-0425

All photos made using a Kodak DC240 digital camera.

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