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Micro-publisher Heavy Metal Music is making a small number of older items, no longer listed in the current catalog, available as free downloads in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. This webpage lists all currently available dowloads.

Note that these selections are still protected by copyright laws, and Heavy Metal Music reserves the right to remove selections from the free list at any time. Heavy Metal Music specifically prohibits distribution for profit of any music downloaded from this site; you may download listed music and use it for yourself, and you may make copies, but you may not sell or profit from this music.

Heavy Metal Music publishes sheet music primarily for the Tuba, Euphonium, Tuba/Euphonium ensembles, brass quintet, saxophone quartet and recorder consort.

Write to the following address for a free catalog.

Heavy Metal Music
P.O. Box 954
Mundelein, IL 60060

Click on the catalog number of the piece you want to download
HMS003 Three Barbershop Songs // Daniels, Foster, anon // E+E+ET+ET
HMS012 Three Madrigals // Tomkins, Farmer, Bennet // E+E+ET+T
HMS022 Lilly Bell Quickstep // G.W.E. Freiderich // E+E+T+T
HMS026 Prima Dona Waltz // Louis Jullien // E+E+T+T
HMS041 Canon // William Billings // E+ET+T+T
HMS042 Wachterlied (Watchman's Song) // Edvard Grieg // E+E+T+T
HMS046 Ave Verum Corpus // William Byrd // E+ET+ET+T
HMS049 Sonata // Daniel Speer // E+E+ET+T
HMS052 Minuet // J.S. Bach // E+E+ET+T
HMS063 Pavan a 4 // Johann Schein // E+ET+ET+T
HMS097 Dance of the Little Swans (TUBAS) // P.I. Tchaikovsky // E+ET+ET+T
HMS098 Funeral March & Wrecker's Daughter Quickstep // Chopin & Conrad Fay // E+ET+ET+T
HMS105 Suite No. 1 from "The Danserye" // Tielman Susato // ET+ET+ET+T
HMS106 Suite No. 2 from "The Danserye" // Tielman Susato // ET+ET+ET+T
HMS109 Sonata // Alessandro Scarlatti // E+E+ET+T
HMS119 Fireman's Polka // Hosea Ripley // E+ET+ET+T

The 'E & T' code is as follows: E = euphonium, ET = euphonium or high tuba (E-flat or F), T = low tuba (B-flat or C), e.g; E+ET+T is for a trio of euphonium, high tuba and low tuba.

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